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Carolyn Burch

I got my first exposure to the outlandish nature of legal fees when I started my career as an intern years ago. Millions of dollars in fees was the norm, and I thought “who can afford this?”

Is it a wonder that 150 million eligible Americans can’t afford the legal services they need?

I can’t help but wonder what justice means if most people can’t afford it. I feel there must be a better way.

I am a former business attorney, woman business owner and believer in justice. I've worked all over the world including Europe and the Middle East, and I have seen that regardless of social circumstances and injustices, you just can’t hold a good woman down!

Don’t take my word for it! Check out the stats for yourself. Women have been dubbed the ‘New China’, we are growing faster than any other form of business bar major corporations in the US today, we are responsible for trillions of revenues annually, and eyes are on us for the future of employment creation.

In short, women are the silent super power. By creating Equal Legal as a service in support of these incredible women, I feel I’m on the winning team! It is my honor and privilege to serve these outstanding women who are challenging the status quo, owning their destinies, taking responsibility for their success rather than being held back by beliefs about what women can or can’t do.

I choose to take a stand with these women to make a difference. I have seen how uneven the legal playing field can be. It’s time to create equal access for all.

I invite you to join us in making ‘Herstory’ today!

Carolyn Burch

Founder and Believer in Equal Legal

Carolyn Burch, Founder of Equal Legal

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