Women Who Crush It!

I don’t know about you, but I am so inspired by women who have the guts to go it alone and run their own business.

There are plenty of men who run inspiring businesses too, and we tend to hear a lot more about their success stories, but I think there is something truly remarkable about people who brave the unknown and succeed despite the odds.

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Women Business Owners are the unsung heroes of society

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, women-owned businesses fuel the economy and now represent 42% of all businesses (nearly 13 million), employ 9.4 million workers and generate revenue of $1.9 trillion.  Wow. 

Over the past five years:

  • Women-owned businesses increased 21%, while all other businesses increased only 9%
  • Total employment by women-owned businesses rose 8%, while for all other businesses the increase was only 1.8%
  • Total revenue for women-owned businesses rose by 1% above all businesses

Women of color are leading the way!

While the number of women-owned businesses grew 21% from 2014 to 2019, firms owned by women of color grew an astounding 43% and African American women-owned firms grew even faster at 50%.

When you factor in the disadvantages and prejudices that women face in securing funding such as business loans and venture capital, e.g. did you know that less than 2% of VC investment is made in women-owned businesses and that most women-owned businesses are backed by cash

Women of Color Who Crush It

Yet still, we rise, growing at phenomenal rates, undefeated, strong and more determined than ever

This is what inspired me to start the Equal Legal interview series: Women Who Crush It!

In this video series we’ll be interviewing women business owners who come to Equal Legal to support their businesses.

Each woman has a delightfully unique and personal story to tell about her business and who she is, and it has been my utmost pleasure to get to know these women’s stories and share them with you.

Behind each story, stands a remarkable woman of indomitable resilience and tenacity, whether she runs a hair salon, a taco stand or the next tech startup about to explode.

We kick off Women Who Crush It! 

In our first episode, we’ll take a peek into the life of a woman who left her corporate job of 12 years to provide her son with a more inspiring version of herself, by taking the leap into the notorious world of Los Angeles real estate!

Equal Legal lawyers helped her set up her S-Corp and save her 1,000’s of tax dollars in doing so.  Her only regret is that she didn’t come to Equal Legal sooner!

In our second edition we interview badass business owner Barbara McGee, CEO of Barbold Services LLC, who made a quantum leap from the beauty industry into professional street sweeping services!  

She explains how a machinery supplier assumed he could withhold her $5,000 deposit because she’s a woman with a pretty face, and how she saved face by having an Equal Legal lawyer send a demand letter, all without breaking a sweat!  You’ll have to watch the video to find out what happened but let’s just say, Barbara had the last laugh!

Keep watching for more inspirational real-life woman stories!  

We have so much more to talk about such as hearing some tips and tricks from Millennial Marketers, Nicole Hatley of VoxMagneta.com and Kat Murphy of Artfulefforts.com.  If you’re an X-Genner like me, we just can’t afford to ignore their advice!

Of course, Millennial Marketers have a lot to gain from Equal Legal lawyers too in terms of how to copyright and protect all that amazing content they create, so keep watching the Women Who Crush It! series to find out how.

Women Who Crush It

Are you a Woman Who Crushes It?

We know there are 13 million of you out there, but is your story being heard?  Have you had an incredible experience in business (apart from just being a woman!) where you really crushed it?  

We’re you able to stand up in the face of fierce competition?

Or did you make bank while raising your kids at the same time?  

Or maybe you just decided to take a deep breath and jump off the cliff into business ownership.  We’d love to hear how you’re busy building your airplane on your flight through space!

Please submit this short form with your details and we’ll be in touch soon.

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